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How do I start developing plugins?
How do I start?

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Well firstly, you need to know a language you can compile dll's in.

Secondly is do some research on the parts of the ps2 you want to make the plugin for, finding out what each register does, what it does with data it recieves and what you need to send to the main emulator. Then you can start writing :Smile
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Refraction can you make a guide about Developing Plugins ?
You seriously think i have time? Tongue2

Long story short, if you cant work it out for yourself, then you shouldnt be making plugins at your skill level. Other plugin devs have worked it out for themselves, im sure anybody else capable can too.
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I know VB, but I could always (and want to) learn new languages (which I'll have to do here soon anyways when I start college). Simply, can I make DLLs in VB? If not, what is best to make them in (C++ I presume?)?

I'm currently looking up info on DLLs to see how they work (but it seems like I actually already knew), and to see if I can make DLLs in VB.
Beyond what refraction has said, look at the source code for existing plugins of the type you're interested in. Go though them till you are starting to get an idea what they do. Start modifying pieces of one to get a feel for it. Modifying a plugin can easily end up turning into forking it or writing your own if you get interested.

And I seriously don't recommend using anything other then C++ for plugins. Smile

And keep in mind that if you really want to write one from scratch, you could always use one of the null plugins and flesh it out...
Ohh, thanks for the advice. I do not know if I would have thought of the null plugin stuff.

If you have any reccomendations on where I can find good C++ learning info (for free, of course lol), please lemme know. Till then I'll be scouring away for some.
I suggest

just register there, and you will be able to watch the first 3 volumes of C++ Tutorial for free, (Should be sufficient) other volumes about wxwidgt and opengl,, I bought the dvd just for opengl and its awesome.. Smile
well i started here

I find it easy to follow and well explained Smile after that i suggest going to and reading up on other available libraries, like SDL or OpenGL or even DirectX.
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prepare for the tools: fast+optimized compiler/linker, debugger, SDK, API, ASM knowledge, time, brain, internet.

what more?
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