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How do i convert OPL's VMC to ps2 type files so it can be used on pcsx2?
so i got a new setup to play pcsx2 and i wanted to get the saved games from my harddrive (the games and the saves were contained in the same hard drive) now i got them out!
but the problem is that VMC files from OPL are .bin so i wonder if i could convert my saves into .ps2 so i can play them on the emulator.

CPU : i7-3740QM CPU @ 2.70GHz
GPU : Nvidia Quadro K1000M
RAM : 24 GBs

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I think uLaunchELF support opening\mounting that card
You can use it on your PS2 to extract the saves.Copy them all and paste them as PSU into your flash drive and and then use mymc to import them to a pcsx2 .ps2 memory card
Or use the File Memory Card feature of pcsx2
Create such card and format it from the PS2 browser(run the bios)
With this you can copy the saves from the VMC with ulauchelf and just paste them(not as psu)

Also a feature for this will be added(to support that card)but it's still not added

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