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How do i make an iso from Folders/Files?

Okay i've been trying to make this work for nearly a week now and i hope someone can help me in making an iso image from file n folders, im using Imgburn if anyone knows how to work with it please tell excactly what to do, i AM using Linus Iso as my C/DVD plugin.
The game is Dragonquest VIII
and the files/folders are:

Bin(folder) with 6 other .bin files in it.
Modules(folder) with 16 .irx files and an iorprp300.img file in it.
MOVIE(Folder) with lots of .mvi files in it.
data.dat (file)
data2.dat (file)
data.hd6 (file)
data2.hd6 (file)
dmydata (file)
SLUS_212.07 (file)
When i try to make the whole thing an ISO i get a message to insert the ps2 disk. pcsx2 9.7

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use imgburn
insert your PS2 DVD in your DVD reader and hit "create image" button.
it's as easy as it is
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also see this: How can I make ISO file?
I'll not jump to conclusions because I don't know why you need to make the ISO from files, maybe patching, it's not to me to judge... but is too near of piracy which the forum does not tolerate talking about.

Anyway the message is clear, the emulator is not seeing a PS2 image... maybe something like ticking "Iso" instead "Plugin" when selecting on plugin?

PS: to the GUI devs... maybe puting "Internal ISO reader" instead just "Iso" would reduce a lot the misunderstandings.
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Thanks, it fixed the prob although i was asking how can i make files into iso without the disk i can play now at least Smile
you can't, as far as I know. PS2 uses special systems that can be read, but not duplicated easily.
actually more of the issue is the ps2 depends on exactly LBA addresses for files so they are in a certain order, which you cannot do with a normal iso making program, you need the sony dvd creator to do it.
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