How do the new intel chips perform? (i3 / i5)
I've been curious on how these new chips perform.
I was looking around at i3 / i5 systems and I hear that there's a significant performance increase.

How does pcsx2 perform with the "HD Graphics" on the i3 at base clock?
(Same for i5)

Any information on these new chips on pcsx2 would be awesome, thanks.

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Those new cpus are absolutely wonderful for pcsx2. They have the clock for clock speed of an i7, and they also have high clock rates, and they overclock like super beasts. Plus they are cheap compared to other cpus.

The Integrated graphics included in the cpus aren't very good however. Get at least a GT220 or Radeon 4650.
I realize that they're better by looking at scores and such.
I was more curious on how they do on pcsx2 at their base speeds. Tongue
These new chips have an architecture advantage of about 10 to 20% over core2.
So a 3.0Ghz i3 is "worth" a ~3.4Ghz core2duo.
The integrated graphics might also be fast enough to play some games in native resolution, IF GSdx supported them.
As far as I know, it still crashes with a silly shader related error though on Intel onboard graphics.
I'm using a quad core i5, 2.66Ghz base speed, it's overclocked slightly but so far I haven't come across a game in pcsx2 that hasn't generally ran at 60 fps or 50 for PAL games, there's some slowdown in very specific places on some games, but it's never been game breaking. Unfortunately I can't speak for the chips onboard graphics since I don't use them, but I can say with some confidence you'd be far better off getting a separate graphics card.
What are the settings you use for the Graphics?
I have an i5 2.66GHz too, 4GB DDR3 and a good ATI 4850 but speed is between 30 and 40fps (SSX ON TOUR)
I am using gsds plugin with 1920x1080 and using directx10 make things even slower than directx9
What people seem to not understand is that emulation speed VASTLY depends on the game. With some games that i5 @ 2,66 GHz will give you 100 fps, with some others it will give you 20 fps. Just because you don't have/play these games doesn't mean you can play 'anything you come across' at full speed
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