How do u insert action replay codes to pcsx2?
i have seen alot of videos on youtube bout kh2 hacked fights... how do they do it? is it possible to make them on pcsx2? oh and the most important question: how do u insert action replay codes to pcsx2?


some vids:

Especially this one:

I want to make hacked boss fights just like those guys
any links on different tuts are apperitiated

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1) Obtain the Action Replay (MAX or whatever) Codes from any site.

2)Convert the Action Replay codes to Raw/Standard Codes using Omniconvert.

The codes will be something like this xxxxxxxx yyyyyyyy. Put the codes in noptepad like this :-


3) Put all the codes and save it as [CRC of Game].pnach

4) Put it in the Cheats/ Folder.

5) and open pcsx2 --> System --> Enable Cheats and boot.

You will several patches here :-
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
I'm pretty sure it won't work that way, atleast half of them (you get TLB miss warnings constantly, no idea why, tried it).
Find the same cheats in Codebreaker codes (all of them exist don't worry) and use emuhaste instead (google it) but make sure on the ones that tell you to press R2 to enable you remove the first string of codes.
It appears that there is a difference in those cheat formats that I'm not aware of, one of them is that they are compressed so if you convert them to RAW they will bloat PCSX2 (possibly resulting to TLB miss).

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