How do you change pcsx2 language?
Just have a little thought about this, it seems we can't change language on the fly, ohters than re-install pcsx2, right?

So for example like i want to teach my friend about pcsx2 who know just a little about english, and i happens to have myself pcsx2 set with english at defaultshould i need to re-install pcsx2 and choose other language again? and i have to back up all my others setting like memory card, gsdx.ini and etc

Maybe it would be more convenience if we got a language changing setting through pcsx2 ui

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Find line "LanguageCode=" in PCSX2_ui.ini and change what's there to "english" or any language code from within "Langs" folder(each subfolder in there is named by language code. For example change it to:
for a japaneseTongue

You can also reset settings to change language, but that's more bothersome:].
If you don't know the language codes : Tongue2

If you want Malaysian : ms_MY
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
ok got it, thanks for answering=)
Just a notification, if your friend got comments/suggestions please PM me so I can update those translations.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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