How do you connect both a DS3 and a DS4 controller at the same time?
So, I'm trying to use both a ps3 and a ps4 controller at the same time, to play video games with my friends.
If I don't use the ps4 controller, the ps3 controller will be set as player 1 as a 360 controller, just like it should.
If I use just the ps4 controller, then it'll do the same.
If I use both at the same time however, then 3 things will happen:
  1. Both controllers will be set as player 1
  2. All the programs will only recognize the ps4 controller
  3. Programs cease to work for the ps3 controller entirely, even when the ps4 controller is removed.
I don't own a 2nd ps4 controller and would greatly prefer to either use my ps4 controller, or to even plug in a 2nd ps3 controller so I can play with 2 people at the same time.

The programs I've been trying are DS4Windows, SCP Server, and MotioninJoy.
I'll answer any questions I can to the best of my abilities (aka I'm not very tech savvy but I've been around the block a few times.)
Sorry if this is in the wrong topic.

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