How do you guys configure your controllers to use CQC in MGS3
Since I don't think pressure sensitivity is emulated, how do you guys perform a CQC move in MGS3?

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If you have a pressure sensitive controller there are available plugins to use that functionality.

Otherwise you maybe can bind that control with two different input keys. Once normal and once with sensitivity around 0.3 or 0.5
Does the 360 pad support pressure sensitivity? Also, what plugin supports it?
I only know that ds controller support it for the four main buttons. To my knowledge xbox controller only support it for the shoulder button (z-axis)
(08-27-2015, 10:48 PM)Dr_Hycodan Wrote: Does the 360 pad support pressure sensitivity?  Also, what plugin supports it?

Only the analog sticks.
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Then how is the controller scheme setup in the MGS HD collection on the 360 for CQC?
Short press long press double press single press? Have you ever played Tekken?
I guess Google search could answer that question easily.

@Ryudo Are you sure that 'L2/R2' are not pressure sensitive? I have an xbox controller and I am quite sure they are. That's also why they are read as z-Axis...
Can pcsx2 be configured to use the 360 pad like MGS HD collection?
Depends on the implementation. Have you experienced or Google searched how that move works on the xbox?
This is how they did it in the HD Collection:

Quote:When you sneak up on an enemy soldier (Using the D-Pad to stalk quietly), you can press B to grab them from behind and lock them in your arms, you can move around dragging him around with you as well, but if you keep him there for too long, he'll be able to break free from your grasp.

When you have him in your arms while holding B. you can do the following:

- Press Y and you'll slit his throat with your knife, killing him.

- Repeatedly press B over and over again, and you'll choke him until he goes unconscious. If you keep on going, you'll snap his neck, killing him.

- Press and hold the Left Stick and you'll threaten the soldier with your knife, forcing him to talk and give you information, sometimes useful, such as locations of ammunition or weapons, and nearby hazards (Mines, machine gun emplacements, helicopters, etc.) there is one soldier in the game that apparently will give you the radio frequency for an artillery strike.

After you finish threatening him, you can do any of the things I said ^above.

- While holding him with B, you can push the right stick forward and you'll thrown the soldier on the ground, from there, you can hold him up with a gun, while he lies there, hands behind his head, and giving up any supplies or ammunition.

- While holding him with B, if you also have your M1911 or Mk 22 equipped, you can hold the soldier hostage and as a bullet shield as well. Enemy soldiers will hesitate and won't attack if you have one of their own as a hostage and you can use your gun. Beware that enemy soldiers behind you can simply hit you and you'll fall, and the soldier you had hostage will be free.

You can also run up to an enemy soldier and while you are still holding the left stick and press B, this will result in Snake grabbing the enemy soldier and violently throw him to the ground with such force, that he'll be knock unconscious.

Also, pressing B repeatedly will use the technique of punching and kicking, etc.
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