How does Cheats works?
I have tried in hours and still don't get it! What am i suppose to do? The game i am trying to cheat in is Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4. And the code looks like this;

gametitle=Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 (NTSC - U) SLUS [217821]
//Max Courage

And the filename; DEDC3B71.pnach

Where did i do wrong?

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I don't have that game but can advance some hints.

1 - verify at the console log if the CRC is indeed that on the pnach

2 - Windows may be hiding the extension and in this case the file is actually DEDC3B61.pnach.txt albeit the .txt does not show up. Make sure you have windows showing the extensions.

3 - The code may be wrong for your version of the game, in that case the address is wrong and the value FF is being put where shouldn't.

These are the main causes of non working cheat codes. Other than this the code seems correct and already in raw format.

PS: Ah, and yes, the pnach must be on a folder called cheats inside the main folder where the executable is. If starting from a desktop icon make sure the field "Start in" points to that directory the executable is.

One last thing, I hope you "enable cheats" at the GUI Smile
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