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How does FFX- PCSX2 compare to the PS3 remaster ?
What about the faces in the PS3 version? Some people complain about them.

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(04-14-2015, 06:13 PM)xemnas99 Wrote: What about the faces in the PS3 version? Some people complain about them.

They're subjective, but the real problem with the remaster and the main reason I will keep replaying the PS2 version instead is the facial animation, which looks completely lifeless and robotic compared to the original. Sometimes even in key scenes, there is zero expression at all in the faces, just moving mouths.

The remaster was not done by Square Enix, it was done by an outside studio which clearly lack as skillful of animators as in square unfortunately. But just looking at static images of the faces, almost everyone looks amazing in the remastered version, except Tidus which looks really weird if you are used to the original.
Thank you for the information.
Yeah, I was about to say some of this stuff. I didn't like the way they did the music and the emotions in their faces were absent. Plus, some of the faces don't look right now.
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Yeah Tidus face looks ultra weird in the remaster. I get they were trying to make things look more realistic, and they did, but they don't look like the same characters any more. Especially Tidus and Yuna.
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