How good is mouse support for FPS?
I've heard you can do this. There's some console only FPS that are on PS2 that I want to try but I hate the controller for FPS. Are mouse controls for PS2 FPS clumsy?

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as far as i know you cant play with mouse or can you?
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You can with the Lilypad plugin. Just bind the following

PS2 Control ------ Mouse
R-Stick Right ------ X Axis +
R-Stick Left ------- X Axis -
R-Stick Down ------ Y Axis +
R-Stick Up -------- Y Axis -

If you need to invert up and down, then just reverse the Y Axis.
I've tested this on Timesplitters and it worked quite well, although you may have to play around with the sensitivity settings ingame (if available) or in the Lilypad plugin.
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It works in Lilypad, but It's not too acurrate.
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It will work... but you have to remember that the games weren't designed with mouse/keyboard in mind so they may not be quite as accurate (since you basically have to translate mouse to analog stick movements versus reading the mouse movements directly)
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