How i beat the system by using my system
I sucessfully got pcsx2 to run at a whopping 80%+ speed on optimized settings. Now before you laugh, my pc is a really bad one, especially for emulation, or for gaming in general, and considering im coming from 16% speed on anything ps2, this is big for me. Take it if you want to, im just letting you know what worked for me. Im running TXRD2.

 I had my preset set on 4 and worked from there. Ill include screenshots of my optimizations incase anyone with a slow computer like me is looking to run at near 100% speeds (if you're that desperate anyway.).
Speed results may and will vary from game to game but ive found this setting works for me, if you can find better setting opt. go ahead. just what worked for me.
Quick edit, set mipmapping automatic. performance goes up slightly but it might lag
I got 80% on drivers view with track only. you can get from 70-60% with the sprite onscreen, but you do maintain a spicy 30fps (which looks pretty good on the settings i have too).

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