How is Intel HD graphics on some of the newer processors?
I'm gunna be picking up a new thinkpad with  an Intel 4910MQ. I'm would prefer to avoid getting a dedicated graphics card, but I will consider it if necessary. I've read a bit of your backlog saying how the intel graphics just isn't up to snuff for rendering pcsx2, but a lot of those posts are from ~2012, so I'm wondering if the newer generation (haswell intel hd 4600 to be specific) is any better and if so by how much. By the way, as per the board I am in I'll be running this under linux. thanks for any input!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 which has an i5-5200U processor with Intel HD 5500 integrated graphics and I can play most games just fine in hardware mode, so Intel HD can perform alright, but it isn't ideal if you want to play games at anything higher than native resolution because for most games that hurts performance a lot. I was able to finish Persona 4 without too much trouble though.

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