How many 'extra rendering threads' does pcsx2 support?
I know in the sticky thread it says that pcsx2 only supports 2 threads, but in the settings for the software graphics plugin, there's a box called "extra rendering threads" that is not limited by any number. So, what does this box mean then exactly?

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The software renderer in GSdx has been changed to allow extra threads to increase speed.
As far as I know you can put in any reasonable number there you want.
You'll get diminishing returns though: up to maybe 3 or 4 extra threads are well worth it, above not so much anymore.
This assumes you have a CPU with that many free cores, keeping in mind that PCSX2 likes to have 2 for itself.
So would something like an i7 3770k with 4 cores/4 threads give better performance than a regular 4 core processor? Assuming they both run at the same frequency? Or would there be diminishing returns?
Just test it yourself. Using the software renderer, get ingame and disable the frame limit. Then you'll see that as you increase the threads number you might get more peformance until it starts to drop.

For example:
1 = base, 2 = +FPS, 3 = +FPS, 4 = -FPS. There, your magic number is 3.
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Well I don't actually have an i7 to test it with so that's why I was asking. I use 3 extra threads with my i5 and get better performance so I was wondering how 4, 5, 6 extra threads would run.
Gigaherz tested it once on a 3770K and I think the result was that it doesn't help much but at least it doesn't get slower with 5 or 6 extra threads.
I wouldn't expect any gain from more than that many threads anyway, it just doesn't scale that well.
Gabest also tested it, he said 2-3 is sort of the optimal numbers, after that it doesn't really do a lot ;p
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That said, a 3570K or 3770K are thankfully enough for most games in software mode Smile
(02-02-2013, 02:39 PM)rama Wrote: That said, a 3570K or 3770K are thankfully enough for most games in software mode Smile

Not Ratchet and Clank unfortunately Sad

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