How much FPS should I be getting (specs inside)
I'm playing the PAL version of FFX and getting on average 50FPS but sometimes the video will drop to 40ishfps

Nvidia GTS 250
Duo Core E7400@ 2.8ghz
2GB Ram

Am I right in thinking I should be getting a lot more FPS than that. I saw a video on youtube and the guy had worse specs than me and he was getting 136fps

The reason it bothers me is because sometimes the video slows down a little. Is there a simple way of fixing it?

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Even FFX doesn't run fullspeed all the time, with 2,8GHz. Either use Speedhacks or try overclocking your CPU.
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So there's no way to stop the slow downs? I know I'm being picky as I'm using an emulator but ideally it would be good if I could maintain a consistent framerate that didn't fall below 50. I haven't really done any extra configuring as I just installed the 0.97 beta which installed the plugins with it.
PAL max fps is 50fps I believe so it won't get too much better than that. You can overclock it. Turn off reverb setting and interpolation on your sound plugin. Should give you a bit of a boost.
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Thanks mate, that's made a huge improvement. Not completely perfect but much better and much more tolerable.

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