How much benefit will I get from PCSX2 if I replace my 9600gt with a GTX275。
I’m planning buying a new displaycard for my PC,and I’m wondering if a GTX275 will give me a big boost over my current 9600GT.

Compare to my 9600gt,GTX275 have more Shader processors and texture units and so,but do they help PCSX2(or precisely,GSDX) run faster?

I'm playing Perona4 and FFX right now,in many scenes,if I set the internal resolution too high(say 2048x1536)to get AA,PCSX2 will run under 60fps,if I set to 1024x768,most of those scenes will run a good 60fps,so I was wondering if a GTX275 will help.
PC spec:
CPU:e5200 OC to 4G
MEMORY:2G 333 ddr2
Sound Card:Creative Audigy 1


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yes a GTX275 will help Smile (it is like much better than any of the other lower Nvidia cards Tongue, even though i don't have it Tongue)
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Most likely it'll help in the described situation.
It also help to improve D3D internal Ren. + more smooth ... but the emulation speed will probability won't increase to much due to CPU limitation.
Also, with that card and your processor clocked to where it is, you'll be able to tear up just about any modern PC game as well. Definitely worth the upgrade if you have the cash for it.
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Well, in my opinion the 9600GT is still a good card, I would only change it if you have a monitor/tv with a big native resolution in which case the 9600GT might struggle depending on the computer game.

What I recommend is lowering the resolution, I find 2048x1536 extremely high. As I said, if you need to play at these kind of resolutions because the screen has a high native res. then it's a good idea to buy a card for that purpose.

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