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How pnach files work
(03-14-2009, 02:23 AM)Pontifice Wrote:
(03-14-2009, 02:20 AM)Akaruz Wrote: its a pity the Exxxxx codes are bugged , since a "few" raw from codebreaker do have the Exxxx ones :/ or you mean just those 6 examples are bugged ?
only that ones

Dxxxxxxx 0000yyyy
Exxxxxxx 0000yyyy
are ok.

the others have been fixed, but for now the fix is not even in SVN

I was wrong any code like

Exxxxxxx 0yyyyyyy

should work, not only

Exxxxxxx 0000yyyy

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I like to fiddle with cheats a lot and Right Now I'm playing Final Fantasy X so I thought I would create an Infinite HP Cheat for Tidus.

Here is the thing: I use the patch finder to search for exact value of the HP I find them I freeze to say 1000 HP Points and the numbers remain frozen according to the patch finder but HP still goes down in the game.

When I search for other values that have the same value as my hp I freeze them it works but then they don't work anymore for the next battle.

Does this means that for this game it's impossible to create an Infinite HP Cheat? Because I have done it before with Legend of Legaia.

Was wondering if the "32-bit Multi-Address Write" code format will work? Like this for example:
4aaaaaaa xxxxyyyy
dddddddd 00000000
Cause I'd like to use them for testing multiple addresses for codes that I find with the emulator. Because you haven't stated what code types actually work besides the standard byte, half and word types followed by the standard joker types
Dxxxxxxx 0000yyyy
Exxxxxxx 0000yyyy
that was previously stated.
can You write here a guide where to store and enable a patch? It seems obvious, but ... its better when You see it all in the first post Wink
CPU: Amd Phenom 9550+ [Quad Core, 64bit]
RAM: 2x2 GB OCZ 800
GFX: ATI Radeon HD 4670 [DX10.1]
Mainboard: Gigabyta GA-MA790X
OS: Windows 7 Home Edition 32bit
Hi, I'm having trouble getting a cheat in Grandia III US working. Here is my pnach configuration:
gametitle=Grandia III [SLUS 21334] (U) [5B657DAD]
comment=Infinite Health for all Chars
// Yuki

And this is the RAW code:
1AAF0B67 0000270F

For the life of me, I can't seem to find out what I did wrong. I'm able to get ingame and load my file but it shows Yuki and Alfina's MP as 0/0 MP, which is wrong. o_o;

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
actually, I don't quite understand about this. I am newbie after all. help me please. I have copied the pnach file to the patch dir. then what must I do??
(03-14-2009, 01:49 AM)Pontifice Wrote: Patch description:

1        -> it is active (1 on - 0 off)

Correct me if i'm wrong, because it's been about two years since i read this on the former forums, but this is not right. If i remember correctly:

0 = the patch is applied once, on start-up
1 = the patch is applied constantly, on every frame

Which is why you see codes for debug menus or similar things working despite being prefixed with a zero. If you want to disable a code, comment it out with a "//".
You are correct, that's what the field means. I found this thread when looking for the patch format (not well documented in the source) myself and noticed that this was wrong but the thread was long dead.
how to use patch???
this is hack for games???
You could find them in directory /patches/.
They have a name like XXXXXXXX.pnach where XXXXXXXX is the crc.

The pnach file's structure is something like
gametitle= Game name  [SLXS XXXX] (R)
// comment line

Patch description:

patch    -> it is a patch (:P)
1        -> it is active (1 on - 0 off)
EE       -> affects EE memory ( the other option is IOP don't mess with that)
003E531E -> it is the address affected by the patch
word     -> it is the data's size that will be written starting in the address position (it could be byte,short,word)
00004370 -> it is the data that will be written. NOTE: if the data's size (byte,short,word) is smaller than data written here it will get truncated.
all adresses need to start by 0 or 2 (it is the same, 0xxxxxxx and 2xxxxxxx points to the same data)

gametitle=game name ([slxs xxxx]<how can i get this thing??)
...and i don't get about the patch.......
if can... pls show me some images.....>if can<<<

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