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How pnach files work
Hi I am lost and new.

I have been trying to get a pnach file to work for my tales of legendia.

I am working on windows XP and using pcsx2-r5093 as it seems to have a few bugs tweaked out of it that lets me play with fps 60.
here is what my pnach file looks like.

file name: 0x43AB7214.pnach
comment=Tales of Legendia

// Solo bonus

it is saved under cheats in the sub directory where the pcsx2-r5092.exe is.

I also copied it to my documents/pcsx2/cheats folder.

However when I load my save game, its like I didn't even do anything. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for the help!

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Remove the 0x from the filename Smile And what is Solo Bonus?!?
Inf HP/MP, Inf money. Great for just trying to play solo but not one hit kill stuff. Just leisure solo playing Smile

Just tried it without the 0x. Still nothing. Maybe I am putting the codes in wrong.

I'm getting my codes from

I changed them in omniconvert to standard to get what I have now. Was that the mistake?
Try this file (If u DO have the American version, cause with the european I need to find other cheats Smile)

That worked!

What was it? I have to know because I have spent 6 almost 7 hours setting this all. Started with me opening a box in my house of my old ps2 games and trying to figure out how to play them again. (Yes I ripped the game myself. Was quicker then finding an iso Smile )

Thank you soooo much!!
I always use Action Replay MAX as basic codes and convert them to RAW Codebreaker Smile atleast ARMAX for US Games Smile Well it's a good thing that u used your original discs, cause they/we won't give support/help with downloaded games Smile
Where did you find the action replay max codes to translate? Did you use the output as codebreaker ver1 or ver7+?

I ask because i have a stack of games I'm about to rip and want the next game to be more flawless on .. cheating. lol
Output is RAW/Unencrypted Codebreaker Smile
can i get the pnach for final fantasy X international.. Sad
There is a specific thread for requesting patches, which already have tons of FFX patches. Do a search next time.
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