How speed hacks are basically working?
is "Speed hacks"
are "ordering" the emulator to not load some parts in the game
that is heavy for the computer to make the game faster.
or they are working in a differently way?

I know Speed hacks can "break" the game and make it more buggier
but for some games they are working fine.


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If you check the configuration guide there's a small explanation of what some of the speed hacks do.

But basically it's not like the emulator is skipping processes with speed hacks but rather modifying they way they're done so it's easier on your machine. VU Skip however does actually skip processes I guess Tongue
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Most hacks are affecting the emulated main cpu of the ps2, the emotion enginge (ee).
It does a ton of operations, and all timers are bound to it.
These operations have to take some "emulated" time, like a division should take 7 ee cycles, etc.
Now what the x2 sync hack for example does is, it makes this instruction take 14 emulated cycles.
This has several implications, depending on what the game tries to do and how it measures times.
Mostly though it'll just "see" that the ee is busy all the time. So the game doesn't enter any idle looping,
it does less world updates, and all the other stuff games usually do Tongue2

Your cpu therefore has less work to do, to get a "simelar" result as without hacks.
In some games you'll never notice the difference, others will be horribly broken (those that are very timing sensitive).

Well, I suck at explaining this stuff, so that'll have to suffice Tongue2

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