How to Boot up Your PS2 Games Like Windows Applications
I am not sure if this is considered an illegal discussion - the rules say no warez, but I am not sure if this is or not, read the post and make up your own mind. If it is, feel free to lock this topic.

How to Boot Up your PS2 Games like Windows Applications

Right! This is something I discovered the other day that I thought people may find useful. It turns out that providing you have PCSX2-r1888 (and of course, your BIOS) you can (with a bit of work) use PCSX2 as a stub and get your PS2 games to run like Windows Apps. This will allow you to organize your PS2 games better by simply having desktop shortcuts to them instead of having to first launch PCSX2 and select the ISO of the game you want to play.

You Will Need:
-PCSX2 r-1888 (specifically this version, I don't think any other versions work with this)
-A BIOS, dumped from YOUR PS2
-A Program that can create ISOs
-My Bootup Utility (See Bottom of Post)
-Resource Hacker (Optional)
-Linuz CDVD ISO CDROM 0.90 Plugin *Not essential, but this is the only plugin that I can confirm works with this tutorial.

1.) First, playtest your game normally in PCSX2. Adjust the settings so that they are just right for that particular game.

2.) Once you are sure you have your settings right, create a new folder where you will store your game and copy/paste everything in the PCSX2 folder into the folder you just created (or at least everything that is going to be used).

3.) Make an ISO of your game and rename it to "data.iso" and drop it into the folder you created, alongside the main PCSX2 executable.

4.) Download my Bootup Utility and drop the exe file in the same directory as the ISO and the main PCSX2 exe.

5.) Optional - Change the icon of the bootup utility with resource hacker to something more appropriate for the game in question.

6.) Create a desktop shortcut to the bootup utility in your game folder.

7.) Double click on the shortcut, and your game should launch immediately in your graphics plugin - just as if it were a normal application.

-Feel free to copy this guide and repost it, but you must credit me as the original author of the post and the bootup utility
-You can of course create your own bootup utility if you want to change the name of the ISO. Basically, the launcher you make will have to launch PCSX2 with the commandline containing the name of the ISO to launch and close itself afterwards.
-If you are getting an error saying "Cannot Open CDDVD Plugin", it may be because the ISO was named incorrectly or your CDDVD plugin may be incompatible with this process (in which case, change to Linuz CDVD ISO CDROM 0.90)


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Very useful thank you!
The download link refers to a JPEG image, which has no thumbnail. Needless to say, I didn't double click the JPEG.

Nice little app you've made there. Look forward to seeing what improvements you add in the future =D
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That's shows launch.exe on the page but the file that it sends you finally is indeed a JPEG file. Any clarifications on this?
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Just rename it to launch.exe if it appears as images.jpg, it's a bug with that site sometimes...
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hi! just want to ask, doe this thread mean when you open your computer it will automatically launch the PCSX2 games instead of clicking it on the desktop?
That's for lazy asses .. isn't it ?! .. I'm a keyboarder !! .. I'm typing that faster than a useless bootup loader is setup for all your games !! .. Laugh ..

Here's my shortcut placed on the desktop:

Ctrl+F8 -> Alt+V leftarrow pick iso Enter Alt+S downarrow Enter Alt+Enter

And finally playing in fullscreen !! ..
Man Id prefer a Using a frontend like the old PS2launcher but this ok too
I wish somebody makes a Frontend for the new SVN
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(05-31-2010, 05:03 AM)craybac Wrote: hi! just want to ask, doe this thread mean when you open your computer it will automatically launch the PCSX2 games instead of clicking it on the desktop?
No, this thread is a guide showing you how to "sort of" make your PS2 games run like windows applications, in that you click on a desktop icon and your game launches.
The launcher has now been uploaded to a more reliable source and I have updated the link, sorry about the errors Bositman, like Shadow Lady said, Filesavr just has annoying errors sometimes (I suppose that's the downside of a 10GB upload limit for free users).

At the moment, I am currently working on a full "game manager" to use your PS2 ISOs with (I just need to be able to get the program to rip ISOs)

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