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I recently downloaded the newest nightly build of PCSX2 when I saw that PCSX2 now supports mipmapping in hardware mode. I downloaded and tried out the latest PCSX2 and am so impressed and thankful to the developers for including this feature, that I would like to donate to the project. Only I can't find any way to do that. I checked the main site and looked through the forums and only have noticed that I am not the only person who would like to donate to PCSX2.

So know that as soon as you make it possible to donate to the project I will be stepping up to do that. Also, if you decide to make a PCSX2 Patreon monthly pledge site, I will join that as well. I would be happy to donate say $5 per month on a continuing basis to help keep this project moving forward. As well I am sure lots of others would join in also.

Thanks to the devs again for adding the recent mipmapping support to the hardware mode.

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i think they must used patron for it its best for donate and bet that if devs used the get teniclly more advance this project like rpcs3 .because in recent after patron there emulator have huge boost in playable games status and tecnical team extend
There used to be a donation option but some stuff happened and we had to remove it. Basically some people complained to Paypal about us for some reason and they investigated and decided we were fraudulent and our software was illegal or something like that so it was shut down and we removed it. We had discussed the possibility of a Patreon recently but I'm not sure what the situation is with that now.

However it's worthwhile to note that even if we did start a Patreon it's not gonna magically make PCSX2 get a whole lot more advanced - PCSX2 is already VERY mature. Furthermore unless a huge amount of people donated a lot of money it's not really going to enable the devs to put any additional time in to the project. All of our devs have real lives and jobs and girlfriends and bills to pay and things of that nature. Their time is limited regardless of how many people donate.

With that said we appreciate your support very much. It's always nice to see someone who genuinely appreciates our work and time!
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