How to Fix "Waiting for Mass Storage Device" message for BIOS Dumper 2.0
On another thread I mentioned how my USA bios is detected as Japanese. While that's not an issue (i actually like using "O" to confirm menusLaugh), now that I found my old FMB memory card I decided to use V. 2.0 (might make a difference). However, while it did display my console's information, it got stuck on "Started from unknown, waiting for Mass Storage Device." I heard command line parameters fix this, but how do I use them?

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I had the same issue and I could never fix it. Most recommend trying a different USB drive. Nothing worked for me so I ultimately just used the old dumper.
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I had this issue and had to use another version of the dumper. There should be 2 executable files in the bios dumper use the other one.

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