How to Obtain games legally?
Hey, im just wondering how i obtain these games onto the PC legally?

I have the actuall cd's but have no idea how to get it to work onto PCsx2.


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What do you mean? The same way you would do for a PS2, go to a store and buy the CD/DVD?
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the best way is to make an iso from the disc and keep it on your hard drive, use programs like imageburn or power iso to make iso from the disc, then use linuz iso plugin in pcsx2 to run the game from iso instead of the disc, this is faster than running game from the disc and has less issuesBiggrin
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wait, so PCSX2 can actully run the game if i put the play station 2 cd into the disk drive? lol that is pretty cool.

Il try your ISO option though as CD's are horrible ;p
Yeah it can. You'll need to use Gigaherz CDVD plugin to run it off your CD/DVD but it is generally recommended to run an ISO image of your disc
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well i just tried to put the PS2 CD into the disk tray and of course, my computer cant detect the cd, lol.
Kingdom Hearts 2 was not readable, but Devil May Cry was... lol

Anything i can do about this or is it just pot luck?
they all are.. is your disc damaged?
Well they all work on the console if that is what your asking, and the DMC is infact more damaged in scratches ;p lol
is your cd drive is new?? old?? or not regularly clean it's lens??
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