How to SpeedUp Pcsx2 On my pc
Pcsx2 Runs very slow on my pc.
Can Any One tell me good configurations to speed up tekken 5.

My specs are:
os: windows 7 32 Bit SP 1
Physical Ram:3 GB
Cpu Name:Intel Pentium® D CPU 3.40 GHZ
Model:Genuine Intel
Cpu Speed:3.388 Ghz
Graphic Card:Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family

Please tell me how to speed up Pcsx2 for Tekken5
Please.It runs very slowly.please.

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there is no cure (-100%) to speed up that game

best to play on your real PS2 until you get a new gaming PC
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Your CPU and GPU were too weak for PCSX2 emulation..

Save some money and buy a new PC like tallbender said...
You really need a Gaming PC. You are playing a demanding game on a very weak PC (as for PCSX2).
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Yes, your pentium won't help at all, you may be able to run PS1 games on ePSXe okay-ish maybe but don't expect much performance on this pc.

Windows 7 can be quite heavy too if you don't disable the aero theme.
I want to play that game. Please tell me good configuration.
My Configuration Fps is 40.Please tell me good configuration.
it won't work. and i think even that 40 fps are a false reading. you doing vu steal 2? and where is that? on the menu? what about ingame?

really just play it on your ps2. or buy a new computer. that one is so not good for pcsx2. Wink
I am asking it Because i Have no Money To buy A new pc or a ps2.Please help me.
If tou dont own a ps2, you cannot use pcsx2 legally.
Closed & warned for piracy.
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