[How to] XBMC, advanced launcher, and custom settings per game
I just spent some time messing about with xbmc trying to get advanced launcher to launch games with their own plugin settings. I tried the batch solution found on here http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-PCSX2-and...d-Launcher but it gave me the error it was originally trying to fix Tongue

Well I found out how to do it, no batch file required, just a little elbow grease.

First create your launcher like normal setting the application to your pcsx2 executable (I am using the nightly build v1.2.1-648-gf0d85d7) and the items path to wherever your games are located (I recommend having your games named as simply as possible so advanced launcher will have an easier time scraping them).

Now the fun part. The "arguments" you are going to want to use read as follows
"%rom%" --cfgpath=%rompath%/"%romname%"

Now you are going to want to create a folder with the same name as each iso in the same path and copy and paste the ini files from the "inis" folder in the pcsx2 directory into said folders.

|----| Example Game 1.iso
|----| Example Game 1
|----| ----| GSdx.ini (etc)
|----| Example Game 2.iso
|----| Example Game 2
|----| ----| GSdx.ini (etc)

(if you dont want to have all those folders in your games folder then you can add an extra directory, so the new arguments would be something like "%rom%" --cfgpath=%rompath%/settings/"%romname%"

Depending on how many games you have this may be a long process but I feel it's worth it. When you launch a game you can press escape to pause it and edit the settings like normal, they will be saved only for that game. I am using guidecall (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXJinMYrZoQ) to use the guide button on my ps3 controller to close the emulator.

Also, sorry for how poorly this is written, I suck at describing things.

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