How to access PS2 browser with Beta 1474?
Either I'm a total idiot, or something's wrong with my client.

I can't figure out how to access the PS2 browser (to format my memory card(s).

I would think that I would click Execute which brings up the window where you select your game, and then Cancel.

I get:
CDVDiso Msg
"Error Loading"
Pcsx2 Msg
"Error Opening CDVD Plugin"

As said, I'm using the 1474 beta, with the latest plugins.
(Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0)

Can someone help me out? Thanks. (:

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do you mean accessing your bios?

select no disc at the cdvdiso, select file->run cdvd

the next thing is go play with your bios
If you download the PS2 bios illegally, you are breaking the law. Courts around the world have ruled that businesses and individuals can be prosecuted for illegal downloading.
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Just select CDVDnull as cdvd plugin then launch the emu as you normally would a game, then return the cdvd to the one you had after you're done in the bios.
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It's strange, cuz when I downloaded the 1474 installer (with plugins), it didn't have the null or ANY nulls in fact.
I searched for it on Google and came across a WHOLE bunch of dead links.
So I just took it from the 0.9.6 installer package. (:
Ah right, well it's good to keep both anyway as there's some things that may work in the stable that dont in the beta anyway Tongue
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Yeah the beta 1474 installer by itself was missing several plugins from the regular 0.9.6 release. Since I frequently use the Peops and Gigaherz CDVD plugins I just went ahead and downloaded the 0.9.6 binary and copied over the plugins I wanted. Wasn't too much trouble.

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