How to access my USB drive in PCSX2
I want to access files from my usb drive in pcsx2
I don't know how to use the usb plugin
I am trying to setup a mass storage device 
HELP pls

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What are you trying to actually do though?
There shouldn't be a need to futz around with USB settings unless there are some edge cases. If you got an ISO on your USB, just browse to it in the ISO selector, same with save states or whatever it's under folder's config.
- Pick the size you want (256 MB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB)
- Download it
- Unzip in location you want
- Launch PCSX2 1.7 devbuild and go to USB settings, pick Mass Storage Device
- Click next to cstdio on configure
- Click browse and pick an unzipped usb image

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