How to activate tracelogging?
Hey all,

I checked out r5350 and r5650 for comparison and did a clean devbuild with Visual Studio 10 Express. This worked without problems.

In the menu "Debug/Logging" I checked the boxes "Activate Trace Logging", "EE Logs", "Disasm", "R5900 Core". I also set the EE emulation to interpreter mode. I thought that the disassembly would be written straight to emulog.txt. But that's not the case Sad emulog.txt only contains the stuff normally written to the file.

What am I missing here?


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(06-09-2013, 01:21 AM)hoshy Wrote: What am I missing here?

I solved the problem by myself. Looks like the function for logging is commented out in the source code. For those interested: I added
CPU_LOG( "%s", disR5900Current.getCString());
to the function execI() in Interpreter.cpp Happy

I don't know if this is the prefered way of doing but I don't have the time for deeper code inspection.
Maybe a dev should look here.but glad to hear u solved it u'rself Smile

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