How to apply gsdx.dll and hack.patch files?

From this thread I downloaded folder with 2 files:
How to apply them?

Game (Mana Khemia 2) already works, but it has the same problem (black lines), which is described in linked thread, and I don't know how to apply those 2 files to check, if they fix that problem.
"GSdx32-SSE2.dll" file I guess must be putted into PCSX2->Plugins folder, but there is already exist file with same name. As for "Sprite_Alpha_Hack.patch" I have no idea.
Any assistance?

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I don't think those will work anymore. the gsdx you just downloaded is 7 years old now. and the sprite hack is now included with gdsx under HW hacks.
[Image: xckarn-5.png]
I see.
Thanks to your words "sprite hack is now included with gdsx under HW hacks" I was able to navigate there and use that option.
Problem disappeared. Thread can be closed.

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