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How to autorun compressed iso with cdvdiso?
I want to integrate PCSX2 (0.9.7 r3113) in my XBMC installation but I just don't get pcsx2 to autorun compressed iso images with cdvdiso plugin.

I have a batch file that sets the filename of the image in the registry
and then starts pcsx2
pcsx2.exe --nogui --skipbios --usecd
but it does not run the image file I still have to click System > BootCDVD.
And I'm running WinXP64.

How do I get pcsx2 to autorun the image file?

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CLI isn't implemented yet, it has just started being implemented on the latest svn but it's still very buggy.
Athlon II x2 245 (@3.6Ghz), 6gb DDR3 1333, GeForce GTS250 2gb Ram, Linux Mint 12 32bit.
Just compiled r3221 and still not working but some switches have been changed, hopefully it will be working in near future.

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