How to change controls
Hello I just bought a gamepad that is compatible with PS2 and PC.
I really need help!
I searched about 1 hour and a half and didnt find anything telling me HOW TO SWICH controls from keyboard to gamepad...I've downloaded the emulator... already installed.. and it got keyboard controls.. there isnt anything saying change controls to gamepad.. etc.... please help me!!!!!!SadSadSadSadSadSadSadSad

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What plugin do you use? Lilypad is the best IMO and has noproblem configuring gamepad controls.
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i use lilypad but idk how to change the controls thats the problem.. Smile
Just configure every key the same way to configure it by using your keyboard but this time press a button on your game pad rather that keyboard key.

PS.If you want to keep your keyboard keys but also to configure your gamepad keys,just enable from LilyPad "Allow binding multiple PS2 controls to one PC control"
LOL the gamepad wasnt working becouse i didnt press the analog button.. im such a noob

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