How to change language on no disc screen?
[Image: image.jpg] Sorry guys im a bit new here on the ps2-emulator scene. I just recently installed pcsx2 and everything was going great until I accidentally clicked eject memory card through the MemoryCard Manager. The default language i had installed with was en_US(English) but apparently it's in Portugese now? I tried editing the file and that did no difference. I also tried deleting the "Langs" folder and still no solution. Is there any solution to get english as the default language? I'm using PCSX2 1.0.0 (r5350)

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Go on Configuracio do Sistema, u can use google translate, there you will find language and choose it from there. Good luck Biggrin
Hmm that was weird, I went to that option many times already but it never allowed me that option to change language. Now it just suddenly works. LOL Well thank you anyways. Smile

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