How to change the sound volume ?
How can I lower the sound volume in pcsx2 ?
So I can watch a movie without too much noise from the emulator.
So I can't use the windows mixer controls.

Thanks !

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You can use Peops sound plugin, it has volume control in it's options... That's about the only method aside from messing with the windows mixer settings.
[Image: 2748844.png]
If you're going to watch a movie, why not suspend emulation?
Just hit escape, and pcsx2 is silent. Resume and you can continue.
You'll save some energy this way as well! Smile
Indeed, I gave up on playing resident evil 4 while watching pinky and the brain. Somehow, I couldn't appreciate both at the same time Smile And one of my screens just broke down 30sec ago after a power cut.

But thanks for the sound plugin solution.

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