How to change the values of the registers in the debugger Kingcom?
How to change the values of the registers in the debugger Kingcom, I have compiled version 1.3.0 and the debugger is great but not the values of the registers (GPR, CP0, ..etc) will change.
There is documentation of use of Kingcom debugger?

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how many threads? some moderator gotta merge that and tag it "xyz game's model extraction using pcsx2 emulator and debugger hacking". but... you're not there yet. you can't change them. it's a debug display for moitoring emulation results only not a hacking tool. you gotta code it to be a hackable thing or use as a tool.

and... mind if ask what game's models you wanna have? you that same guy that asked for some resident evil models? iirc.
Ok, sorry for opening multiple threads, I'm gonna shut, the game is Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

okay. that's reasonable. not bad that models. i'd rip the chaos model. but... the kicker is. what i googled is...

you can do that tutorial thing with the model viewer just like that and just snap it from 2 or 4 sides and puzzle it together. wouldn't that work too? Smile

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