How to change your name mid game in Persona 3 FES
Because I noticed how there aren't any good tutorials out there for how to do this, and since I figured it out myself I thought I'd give one for anyone searching about how to do it.

Step 1: download Cheat Engine off the web.

Step 2: launch the game and cheat engine, then choose persona 3 fes as the proccess in cheat engine by clicking file, open proccess, and choosing the game.

Step 3: go to cheat engine and "add address manually" then add the following addresses: 2095C241 | 2095C249 | 2095C221 | 2095C229

Step 4: when adding the addresses make sure to choose and tick the following settings: 8 bytes | Hexadecimal | then click ok

Step 5: start a new game and enter the new name that you want. (Remember the last name is entered first and the first name is entered last) after you've done so click confirm and just skip the cutscenes.

Step 6: once you're at the first dialogue section just alt tab back into cheat engine and copy the exact values of each address accordingly and write them down somewhere for later. (ie: address: 2095C241 value: 00C980CB80D580B9) Once you've done that you can restart the game.

Step 7: once you've restarted your game load the save you wanna change your characters name in and add the following addresses in cheat engine with the exact same settings as before: 20836201 | 20836209 | 20836213 | 2083621B

Step 8: now you must take the values from each address that you copied earlier and replace the values of the other so: 2095C241 > 20836201 | 2095C249 > 20836209 | 2095C221 > 20836213 | 2095C229 > 2083621B

Step 9: tick active on the 4 boxes of the latest addresses you've added and changed the values of in cheat engine then go back to the game, save, then close cheat engine.

Step 10: once you've done all that just restart the game and pcsx2, load the save, and the name should be changed.

(I'm not 100% sure if you'll need 2095C249 | 2095C229 | 20836209 | 2083621B | if you're name is shorter than 5 characters because usually those addresses are not used if its only up to 4 characters long but I believe it won't harm to have all addresses changed even if they aren't used just incase)

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