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How to properly config the Analogs on my USB PlayStation like controller whenever i push the analog left it replaces 1 of the analog keys =/

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no idea if it's just me, but i have no idea what you mean. could you give an example, perhaps with screenshots?
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Check in the windows gamepad settings. Make sure that the controller for whatever reason isn't randomly reading button input.

If it is, try removing and reattaching your controller. If it's still happening, I'd say it's likely there is something wrong with the driver, or the controller itself.
i had a similar issue occur when setting up lilypad 0.9.11 with my SmartJoy Plus adapter on Windows 7 x64 RTM. it only happened once out of a handful of times but the solution was simple. every time i tried to assign the right analog left or right, it would bind to axis Z instead of the corresponding Z- or Z+. i just manually assigned one of the keys using the drop down. afterwards the other direction registered correctly using the gui buttons.

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