How to configure mouse axis in pcsx2 emulator (v 0.9.8 )
Hey Guys !!

Please help me how to configure my mouse setting for PCSX2..I tried to change it by activating the windows messaging..but doesn't seem to be working in the game..I am not able to move the mouse in the game...I just shows me the mouse arrow..Nothing Else..!! I referred all throughout the internet..But ended up with nothing..Even tried YouTube Not Able to find how..I am not having any Controller..I just have attached a mouse and keyboard to my PC..

System Configuration :

Win 7 / 32 bit (Ultimate Edition)
Intel i7 Processor with 3.5 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1GB)

Thanks in Advance for the Help !! Smile Laugh


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Hey got the help guys !!!

I tried to uncheck the "start without mouse focus"...

But.. still my mouse sensitivity is too low...

I put a new topic in forum..pls reply to it....

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