How to configure the analog?
Hello, i'm new in the forum.I downloaded the emulator and I tried to make it work and i was succesfull Smile .I began to play the games, but i must have the analog stick configured(to put controls on it Wacko ), but i can't.I don't have a game pad.I used Lilypad( i don't remember the version Laugh )But it gives me an error when i start the emulator.Can you help me please?

P.S sorry for my bad english and sorry if the thread is in the wrong forum or subforum

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Thanks, but when i start the emulator with the Lilypad it gives me an error."dont Send" "Send error Report" Sad
can you give me more information
Doesn't matter.I found anosther controller setup.It waorks perfectly.It's name is TwinPad Smile
it was probably caused by 2 different pad plugins

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