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How to convert PS3 Virtual Memory Cards to a format importable to a PCSX2 Memcard?
Hello everyone, again it's been quite a while since an issue brought me here. I know I don't frequent the forum anymore, my apologies.

Well, straight to the topic at hand: I'm trying to figure out how to import a save from GameFaqs that's been left as a PS3 Virtual Memory Card (aka "PSV" format).

I'm well aware of MyMC and have been using it for other save formats such as CodeBreaker Saves (.cbs), Max Drive saves (.max), SharkPoint saves (.sps), and X-Port saves (.xps). I currently have MyMC Alpha 2.6.

However, it would appear that MyMC cannot directly import a PSV file to a PCSX2 Memcard. I'm wondering if you all here at the forums would know of a way to get a PS3 Virtual Memory Card (.psv) file from GameFaqs and somehow work it into a PCSX2 Memcard, preferably without having to download a fleet of different programs to do it (some sites had tutorials, but they weren't easy to follow and involved downloading about five different programs and had links to sites that wouldn't let me download the file without signing up on their forum or whatever. It's not worth it in that case). I imagine I'll need to convert the PSV to a format that MyMC can import.

Hope there's some helpful info to be had on this. By what I could tell as I looked through Google, it appears there was no method to do this a couple of years ago, but hopefully by now, near the end of 2014, there is. Thanks!


PS: On a side-note I have some bug/glitches to report regarding Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Megaman X Command Mission where the screen tends to have flickering issues, especially in cutscenes where horizontal bars are added by the game for the cutscene effect (the bars appear to "bother" the emulator somehow). Overall it seems to be an issue with the emulator maintaining the aspect ratio or resolution somehow, seemingly randomly stretching the image or changing resolution for a second, then reverting back, causing a "flickering" effect. Instead of trying to explain the issue to you, I'll be uploading quite a batch of files to YouTube soon. They're not a game-breaking issue, rather just a mild annoyance. I'll also have to test them in the latest SVN to confirm that they haven't been already addressed since release 1.2.1
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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1. Download PSV Exporter and PS2 Save Builder

Let's take this Kingdom Hearts 2 Save as example:

Save Game File    04/28/08    dided21    20K
Final save point, all characters at LV 99 with their ultimate weapons and have all abilities equipped, journal is 100% complete

2. Extract the ZIP and once you have the .PSV file, open it up with PSV Exporter.

You'll now see the following things:
  • kh2.ico
  • icon.sys
  • BASLUS21005-00

Press the third button (the one that says 'All'), Save it somewhere.

In my case I saved it to C:\PS2 Tools. It'll automatically be put inside a folder called C:\PS2 Tools\BASLUS-21005-00.

3. Open PS2 Save Builder.

4. Go to the newly created BASLUS-21005-00 folder, and drag the 3 files inside it to the PS2 Save Builder. (Right below the File Name and Size tabs).

You can tell you did it right by the fact that the Kingdom Hearts 2 icon will now show.

5. In the Root/ID area, fill in the ID of the game. Which is BASLUS-21005-00

6. Press the Save icon. Save it as .cbs or .xps, either one works.

7. Import in myMC, done!
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Seems to have worked. Just FYI I'm doing this for Zone of the Enders. I refuse to cheat out on Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy games, but I don't really care with ZoE, I'm just trying to capture the ending fights and don't feel like playing through the rest again.

Also, for anyone else reading this:

Quote:4. Go to the newly created BASLUS-21005-00 folder, and drag the 3 files inside it to the PS2 Save Builder.

Emphasis on DRAG here. That means opening the folder in Windows Explorer normally and then dragging the files inside to the program window. If you attempt to open them by using the "Open" button on the PS2 Save Builder and using it's Explorer window, it will not show the files because for some reason the program doesn't tell Explorer that those are supported formats. Probably hints that the program wasn't made to do this, specifically, but it works.

Thanks for the help!
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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