How to disable a demo returning to memory card browser menu?
Hi, I'm trying to make a demo game not boot back to the Memory Card Browser menu after you leave a race in the demo.

It's apparently a syscall that does it, but it also says something about a cop0:
(This is from ps2tek)
( this explains what syscalls are
When a SYSCALL instruction is executed, the EE jumps to 80000180h and sets COP0.Cause to 08h. The kernel syscall handler retrieves the syscall number from the v1 register.

Negative syscalls use the current thread's stack for internal operations. Positive syscalls use the kernel stack. Unknown what the purpose of this is, but user-defined interrupt handlers use negative syscalls only (specifically negative "i" variants of syscalls).

04h void Exit(int status)

Returns to the OSDSYS browser. Internally calls LoadExecPS2("rom0OhmySDSYS", 1, "BootBrowser").

) this explains what the command is to return to MC Browser menu (If I'm right?)

I'm using PS2DIS to locate cop0's and syscalls (already tried to disable a bunch of syscalls without a good result). How I'm disabling them is by using HxD and filling the area with 00 bytes. My question is, the command is hidden in a .ELF game executable, am I supposed to just find the correct cop0 in the file, or is it another type of thing I need to disable? (cop1, syscall etc. ?)

I already found it.

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This sounds like the Official Playstation 2 Magazine Demo disc for Gran Turismo 3. I was also hoping that there is a way to return to the main menu rather than the PS2 browser. Will I need to modify the game or just run Cheat Engine?
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