How to download a game to pcsx2 that I own
I am having problems figuring out how to add games to this program. I still own the game discs that I want to download could someone please walk me through this as I have never done this before.

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dowloading them is illegal
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yeah someone trick me into breaking that rule when i was helping a youtube team that did tops videos when i ask crime if because i have SH 3 on the 360 that can i get on pc because the data came from that version he give me the okay well it turn out that's a big no no and wasn't happy that someone would lie to me like that, however the leader have a unlawful copy's of flaps and Sony Vegas 10 which he would give them to members of the who dint have them like i did when i join at the end of 2014 lucky i have clean up my act got my lawful copy's.hockeydude61 my advice to you if join a team and give you unlawful copy's of software or don't know copyright law run to the hills you don't want to part of doing this to stop people from going down the path i went though.
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