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How to download old versions of pcsx2
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell

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Have you tried the latest version first?
jesalvein broke my balls, farewell
(03-06-2009, 10:00 PM)CobraSA Wrote: I can not try them all.... there are tons of them

He means 0.9.6 and showing X game on old PCSX2 version as playable doesn't means that on the new on wont's just that game isn't tried on the newest pcsx2
OK.Sometime the new verison break some old game.Like DBZBK 3 is huge slowdown on 0.9.6.But work full speed on x verison.Is there a site of pcsx2 that allow download old verison?
No there is not. we only support the latest version.
Some games do run better on previous versions, this is true. some of us keep every revision that is released if you know which one you're after, we can probably send it to you, but you won't get support on the forums. (tenchu 4 is an example of this, and known)

if you know what rev you're after, I have them all and can send any of the betas that were released, just pm me the rev number

but I'll reiterate, you won't get much support on the forums about it.
I hope someone can upload old verison of pcsx2 to mediafire as a folder.Yes, I used to have a lot of pcsx2 version, but after download pcsx2 0.9.6.I delete them all.(Because I think a new age of pcsx2 has begin and throw all the old version).That's bad.Some one kind can upload some folder!
How about The official pcsx2 archive
See how ~Well~ that runs.
Talk about way back.
Make sure to read the README and what not to get an idea of how immature the emu was back then.

Everyone should be grateful for the hardwork put forth to make pcsx2 what it is today btw.

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