How to edit the wiki? (Nowhere to create an account for it either?)
Hi there

I'd like to update the MGS2 PCSX2 wiki page, as there are hundreds of users who have issues with the cutscenes causing severe frame rate drop, and I recently found some settings from FlatOut, that completely alleviated the issue, I'm thinking that many people would love to find out what can help remedy the problem, I think the same fix may work for Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner too, since they both appear to use the same engine, and are both quite performance hungry.

I am unable to find out how to edit the page, I am assuming now that I have to be logged in, but there is no registration page/method that I can see, and my PCSX2 forum details do not work, I also made a "Media Wiki" account but that does not work either.


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I think you just log in with your mediawiki account.
I've disabled new account creation temporarily due to a spam bot infestation, they will be re enabled soon
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