How to emulate this game ?
Firstly, hello, and this isn't exactly my first time with this emulator, I think I've been following it through 0.9.2 and then left it due to slow performance.

This time however I've configured the emulator as needed and wanted to try out a game which actually worked some months ago (about a year I'd say), called Persona 3 : FES , that has SLUS_216.21.

That is, a year ago, I'm pretty sure I got into the game and played for 3 minutes, then stopped, but now I can't seem to remember how to emulate the game from an .ISO file.

I do own a PS2 (if someone wants a photo with it, just ask xD) and this game was lended to me by a friend, and now I asked for it again, trying to make it work (Nevertheless, I don't want to play it on the PS2, I want to play it on PC).

My question is, I have a 4.500MB .ISO file, and, when decompressed, this SLUS file appears, but no .elf nor anything... I remember that I had to burn it into .cue or something, but can't just remember, could you please advice me ? Thank you Smile.

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Uh... dont decompress it just run the .iso file with the Linuz ISO cdvd plugin.
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Thanks pal, worked alright Smile.
Yes, load the iso directly using linuz iso plugin or load the using a virtual drive like daemon tools and use gigaherz/cdvdolio plugin.
Not that it matters, but the SLUS file is an elf, just with the identification number of the game.
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