How to enable DualShock 2 vibration function?
I've been playing on my desktop for so long with a DualShock 2 gamepad (from my console). I connect it to PC via a USB port adapter. It works well except for the vibration function missing. How to enable it? I'm using Lilypad plugin.

Besides, my laptop is running Windows 7 and already installed DirectX Feb 2010 update. Its video card is intergrated (onboard), so I have to use software mode. I know that PCSX2 only use the CPU at this mode -- it does not use the video card at all. But I cannot use DirectX 10/11. When I do, an error occur: "GS plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers." I switch back to DirectX 9 (software), then it runs normally. Obviously the video card is not the matter in software mode.

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use d3d9 hardware then. i dont know about the controller sorry
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dunno if there are better way of doing it but here's how i did it:

I just downloaded the offical public 0.9.7 beta and all options in 'Add Force Feedback Effect' fieldset are disabled by default (see attachment). Perhaps it will be available in the offical release. I only know how to config gamepad button by clicking the button on the plugin window and then press the corresponding one in the gamepad. I remember when I use 0.9.6, when click on "Big Motor" and "Small Motor", my gamepad rumbles, but I don't know what these options mean. Can you explain to me how to config this?

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