How to enable and use patches
Hello im having a problem i founda patch for Tekken 5 to counter the bug that happens when you turn off clamping and they say to put the file in the patch directory which i dont know where is Blink and secondly they say to enable patches in pcsx2 i have 0.9.8 and there is no option to enable patches.Could any1 help me on this?


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Just leave clamp in "normal"?

"Enable patches" doesn't exist anymore, if you have a .pnach file then "System > Enable Cheats" and put the file in the cheats folder and it will do the same.
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When began to write this reply to clarify the "Enable Patches" just got another function and was to hit Enter, something screamed, stop! verify the newest version first... and so I noticed it was renamed to "Automatic Gamefixes" what I deem really a better and less confusing name Smile
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Well thanks for the awsners Laugh (Dramatic lol) Laugh

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