How to fix Gran Turismo 4's smoke and light effects (easy)
PCSX2 by default enables game fixes, well this break GT4!
Ever notice in a dirt race that the dust and smoke effetcs can be seen through all geometry and textures? also the lights on cars are the same? the lights flicker in night races?
Simple and easy fix.

1. Disable automatic game fixes.
2. Change VU clamp mode to Extra.

Enjoy GT4 how it was meant to be played!

Screenshots below.

[Image: OWWcDay.png]

[Image: mx0M4z3.jpg]

[Image: SZgVKou.jpg][Image: 4tjYLo5.jpg]

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you're playing that in software mode? interesting. sprite and z-order should be a blending thing tho. a gs issue. does that fix the performance issues i experienced with large overlays too? those sun things on nordschleife and down times square. the internal antialiasing trick performed still looks blurry af. but... well... yes... as meant to be played. looks as good as possible. still not how it's meant to look maybe. it could be a sharper picture. Smile
(09-11-2016, 03:45 PM)dabore Wrote: it could be a sharper picture. Smile

Make sure to use progressive mode. Makes a big difference.

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