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How to get 1.1.0 and what SVNs are?

I am running 1.0.0 but I keep seeing videos posted from 1.1.0 all with different SVN numbers and am wondering 1) how to get 1.1.0, and 2) is there an SVN that is considered most stable in that version?

Is 1.1.0 a big improvement?


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SVN page. Just download and unpack like normal. They really aren't any more unstable than regular releases, and while sometimes new revisions do break something, they're just fine for everyday use.
Do they override our current configurations? If so any way to back up and only update the core nothing else?

The settings are stored on inis folder.
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To be more clear, once you override the actual PCSX2 folder with the latest SVN version it will find the previous setup and ask you if want to remake from scratch or import it.
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