(How to get BIOS from my PS2) 100% newb request

Before you read my rambling, ill just say it: I don't know how to get my BIOS from my dying and almost dead PS2 system so I can run my PS2 disks on the PS2X emulator.

I am a newb to this all- not to computers and the PS2, but to how exactly I am to get the BIOS from my PS2. I looked it up on the forums and on YT but the download links for the PS2 bios dumper are gone- no longer downloadable from what I can tell. I downloaded both versions of PS2X- the one that gets installed to my laptop and the one that gets installed only inside a folder on my desktop and I cannot find the ELF dump file thingy.

I was trying to follow the official "How to dump the bios from your PS2" guide, but it wasn't working- I couldn't find the files that were needed to be put onto a USB to dump the bios from my PS2-

Also please note that my PS2 still works- barely. It scratches any disks put into it- but it still runs the disks- till they break that is. Also it sometimes the PS2 system stops reading disks randomly-

I don't have the money to buy a new PS2.

The poor thing is literally falling apart- but it still boots- so I would like to get the BIOS so I can play my PS2 games on my laptop every now and then for my small streaming channel.

I also feel quite overwhelmed as to how exactly to do this.

If I said anything wrong or didn't ask it right- I do apologize.

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update: I found a video tutorial that is from 2021 for my exact model of PS2 (Slim PS2): (How To Dump Your PS2 Slim Bios For PCSX2 Emulation) - By
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I will try to do what this video says- lets hope it works! Laugh

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