How to get a PS3 controller to correspond with PSX2
Hi all,

I was wondering whether anybody could help me with my queries, basically I want to know how to get a PS3 controller to correspond with PSX2 using MotionJoy, I've tried all neccessary steps and still unable to get it to work with PSX2. Also I was wondering whether it is possible to pair a PS3 controller to the integrated bluetooth controller of a Sony Vaio VGN-FE11S, the program recognises the bluetooth driver as UGX (I think these are Toshiba integrated bluetooth drivers) and unable to pair it using the Pair It, Load and Install All functions. If anyone can help me, your assistance would be much appreciated. Lastly what is the difference between the Pair It, Load and Install All functions, I'm just curious that's all.

Many thanks,


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i dont thing that could happen another member ask that question
abandon the attempts to use it via bluetooth and just try getting it working with the charge cable.

motionjoy's bluetooth compatibility is like playing russian roulette.
@heros in sky Thanks will do

@Squall Leonhart Thanks I'll take your word for it, shall I post the details of my Bluetooth stack to MotionJoy in order for them to program into their future builds? There's a section in the MotionJoy forum to do this, do you think it's advisable for me to do this?
its up to you, its possible that yours is one of the known unsupported BT stacks.
Thanks Squall Leonhart, I'll do just that.

Out of interest Squall Leonhart, how did you get your PS3 controller to work with PSX2 via USB? I've watched numerous videos on YouTube on how to do this but couldn't find one that worked for me, please can you still help me, thanks.
Press a button on the control so it "wakes" and then press the driver install button on the motionjoy driver config tool.
Thanks Squall Leonhart, I'll try that when I get in tonight and to let you know.
I have tried this so many times in that program and I can't seem to get it to work????? controller is reconzined but has error message at the end also its hook up with a usb cord not through blue tooth is this wrong???????

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